5 Great Stocking Stuffers For Hunters Under $20! [GIFT GUIDE]

So, you are not sure just what to put in that hunter in the family’s Christmas stocking? Here at Sportsman’s Guide we can offer some ideas that are sure to bring a “Booner” smile to that special someone.

Of course, these products are all available at SG at a GREAT PRICE!

2016 Bill Kinney Deer Calendar

Stocking Stuffer Bill Kinney Calendar 12-15 609765m3_ts

Bill Kinney has been capturing great photos of whitetails since 1986, and his 2016 calendar features a different buck image each month. Put it up on the wall and it is sure to draw “oohs and “ahhs from whitetail hunting enthusiasts. The calendar has a Deer Movement Guide and rates each day on the probability of active daytime movement, and it also includes moon phases and holidays. What more could you ask for?

SG Customer Jeff gives the calendar five stars and notes: “I love these great pics taken by an awesome camera. These deer are beautiful!”

Buyer’s Club Price: $8.99

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Stocking Stuffer Heat Packs 12-15 8927_ts20-Pk. of Heat Packs, Pocket Size

Let’s face it. It is no fun to be cold in the woods or when participating in your favorite outdoor activity. These Heat Factory 4-inch by 5-inch air activated, disposable heat packs are PERFECT for every outdoor enthusiasts! Cold-weather hunters stuff them in pockets and inside mittens to make their time in the stand last longer and more enjoyable. They are just as much a staple in a backpack as a knife and flashlight.

SG Customer Kelley gave them 5 Stars in a product review and notes: “A great item that I stash everywhere. I hope I never need them but I put them in my camping gear, in my truck, in my camper, at work, and at home. Nothing better for keeping your hands warm…and your other parts.”

Buyer’s Club Price: $13.49

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Stocking Stuffer HQ Socks 12-15 617029_ts10-Pairs of HQ ISSUE Tactical Socks

SO…are you looking to really STRETCH your Christmas shopping dollar? Kill 10 birds with one purchase with 10 pairs of HQ Issue Tactical Socks! Leave the cotton ones at home and slip into this polyester/spandex blend sock for your next adventure. Highlights include built-in cushioned arch support, a reinforced heel and toe, and strong honeycomb stitching. At less than $1.80 per pair, is this the BEST DEAL at SG? You decide.

SG Customer twrauch gave them 5 stars in a product review and notes: “These are the best socks I have ever owned … the form fit and thickness are perfect – the pile on the inside is not overdone and feel very comfortable … they have held up well to repeated washings too!”

Buyer’s Club Price: $17.99

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Stocking Stuffer .22 Ammo 12-15 594075_ts50 Rounds, 40-grain GECO .22LR Semi Auto Rimfire Ammo, Lead Round Nose

Talk about a Plinkin’ Great Deal for the hunter/ target shooter in the family! Produced in Germany, these 40-grain lead round nose bullets were designed and optimized for use in self-loading rifles and handguns. The rounds are brass-cased, non-corrosive and non-reloadable. The stats are impressive:

Muzzle Velocity: 1,083 f.p.s.; Muzzle Energy: 104 foot pounds.

SG Customer Bill H. gave this ammo 4 stars in a product review, noting, “I have purchased and shot this ammo several times. Feeding, accuracy and cycling seems good to very good. I buy whenever I can when it is on sale and available.”

Buyer’s Club Price: $5.69

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Stocking Stuffer Shooting Muffs, Glasses 12-15 592542m2_tsWalker’s ProMuff Safety Combo Pack

Are you giving that new shooter a firearm this holiday season? Why not prepare them for a safe time on the range with Walker’s ProMuff Safety Combo Pack? The muffs feature a padded headband, low profile cups, soft PVC ear pads, and a great noise reduction rating. The glasses include high-grade polycarbonate lenses, 99 percent UVA/UVB protection from the sun’s rays, and ratcheting pin adjustment. And the ear plugs are well, ear plugs – they conform to the shape of your ear.

SG Customer Bobby1969 gave them 5 Stars in a product review and notes: “Excellent quality eyes and ear protection … just ordered another set for my daughter!”

Buyer’s Club Price: $17.99

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Have a great holiday season!


Your Turn: Tell us about YOUR favorite Stocking Stuffer you have found at SG!








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