Aggressive Grizzly Bear Release Goes About How We’d Expect [VIDEO]

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Last August, personnel from the Montana FWP (Fish, Wildlife and Parks) Service captured a young female grizzly bear to move to the Cabinet Mountains as part of an effort to maintain the grizzly population within the ecosystem.

Montana FWP succeeded in capturing two bears. Unfortunately, they were both males, and therefore not eligible for relocation. So they both had to be released on-site without being drugged or handled.

The first bear release goes well. The grizzly is curious and maybe a bit perturbed, but quickly runs off

The second grizzly, on the other hand…well, that’s a different matter.

If you want to skip right to the action, go to 1:36 in the video.



As soon as he leaps out, you can tell he’s pissed. And who could blame him?

The bear comes out swinging, literally. He turns and attacks the cage as soon as he can.

Thankfully, FWP personnel were at a safe distance. Can you imagine that much power and speed taking square aim at YOU? That bear would tear you clean in half.

The FWP officers honk the truck’s horn, and the bear scampers off. But it’s still a good reminder of just how strong and fast bears are.



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    I cant see any other animal go toe to toe with a grizzly bear. they are ferocious