Bass Boat Driver Gets Tossed Without Kill Switch [VIDEO]


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I’m sure we’ve all been a bit careless on the water, so today’s video serves as a good reminder to always use your kill switch.

Michael Broussard and his father were fishing Toledo Bend and didn’t bother using the kill switch or putting on a life jacket—a decision that nearly cost them dearly.

While traveling at 60 mph, Michael gets distracted and doesn’t see the oncoming buoy. He swerves at the last second, causing his dad to fly out of his seat—right into Michael. The momentum sends them both overboard.



It almost looks like the engine trims itself down, allowing the boat to gain speed. Does that exist? Or am I imagining that?

Thankfully, another boat spots the mayhem, and the driver is good enough to maneuver next to the runaway boat. The very brave passenger leaps onto the boat and manages to stop it before it causes any real damage.

Just a reminder that a $15 kill switch would’ve prevented all of this. Oh, and they weren’t wearing life jackets either, so that’s bad.

But I have to give Michael credit for posting the video, which has garnered over half a million views in the last month. Hopefully it can prevent other anglers from making a similar mistake.



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