Black Bear Charge: What Would You Do? [VIDEO]

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Bear encounters are always tense, but when a bear charges—bluff charge or not—all bets are off.

The guy in today’s video was out deer hunting when a black bear started getting a little too curious.

Not wanting to blow his hunt, the hunter tries to goad the bear into leaving. It doesn’t work, and the bear inches ever closer.

At about the 1:30 mark, the bear charges.



Somehow, the hunter keeps his cool and doesn’t shoot. Neither party is worse for the wear, but did he do everything right?

It’s tough to criticize someone’s actions during a terrifying encounter like a bear charge, but there’s one thing we would do differently: SHOUT!

When a curious bear approaches, get big, look it in the eye, and—most importantly—make noise. Yell. Scream. Who cares if you blow your hunt for the rest of the day?

Here’s a good synopsis from the Bear Smart website:

“A bear that is initially curious or testing you may become predatory if you do not stand up to it.

Act aggressively. Look it straight in the eyes and let it know you will fight if attacked. Shout! Make yourself look as big as possible. Stamp your feet and take a step or two toward the bear. Threaten the bear with whatever is handy (stick, pole, bear spray). The more the bear persists, the more aggressive your response should be.”

At any rate, we’re happy the hunter showed restraint and didn’t shoot.



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