Bobcat Goes Airborne to Catch Squirrel [VIDEO]

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Bobcats are remarkably adept hunters, and if you need any more proof, check out today’s video.

The footage was taken by a husband and wife who noticed a bobcat stalking critters in their backyard.

The bobcat assumes the typical feline hunting position: flat to the ground, ears up, butt wiggling. Somehow, the squirrel fails to notice.

At 40 seconds, the bobcat springs into action. The squirrel tries to flee, but to no avail.

Check out the hunt here:



The squirrel hops into a tree, but the bobcat follows him right up. The squirrel then hops to another tree, but the bobcat will not be stopped.

The cat climbs the other tree, and then proceeds to climb upside down on the underside of a branch before flipping into the air.

When he lands, the squirrel is in his mouth.




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