Can You Name These WWI-Era Bolt Action Rifles?

The bolt action infantry rifles of WWI are some of the most iconic designs in history. Each rifle in today’s quiz was used by a major faction of WWI.

How well do you know your historic firearms? Take our quiz and find out!


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6 Responses to “Can You Name These WWI-Era Bolt Action Rifles?”

  1. Carl Burns

    Model 98 German Mauser

  2. Kerry (Iowa)

    I liked this little test. I remember many of the gun trade magazines from the 70’s and most all of these rifles could be purchased for little to nothing and a case of ammo, around 800 rnds or higher could be purchased for about half of the rifles price. Don’t ya just hate ***hind-sight***!!!!! LOL!!

  3. William Baird

    fun quiz

  4. Dan from NC

    I can also remember going into Roses department store years ago and you could buy some of these rifles for next to nothing. Of course back then when you were young you had no money : (

  5. Pete Herman

    Fun quiz, I own and still shoot several of these guns

  6. J Jones

    Neat identification test of rifles utilized in the Great War period. Most of the rifles utilized were quality firearms that withstood the field conditions encountered in the squalid battlefield trenches. The one rifle not mentioned in this test that was utilized in greater numbers by US Military forces was the US Rifle 1917 Enfield chambered in 30-06 caliber, this rifle proved to be every bit up to the challenge of trench warfare and was a excellent rifle in its own right.