Dumb Criminals Pick Wrong Gun Shop to Rob

OK, we realize there’s no such a thing as a “good” gun shop for a couple of ne’er-do-wells to attempt an armed robbery. But apparently, a duo of not-too-bright, 20-something hoodlums thought it would be wise to walk into the C&S Gun and Pawn Shop in Springdale, Ark., over the weekend and pull handguns from the pockets of their hooded sweatshirts.

This week, one of the men was hospitalized and under police guard while recovering from a gunshot wound to his arm, one was jailed, and both face charges of attempted capital murder and aggravated robbery.

On the morning of December 6, two armed men walked into the shop owned and operated by Clint and Shirley (C&S) Cornett, with the intention of committing a robbery, local authorities told KFSM, the CBS affiliate in nearby Fort Smith, Ark. But they proved to be no match for the feisty, 74-year-old Mrs. Cornett, who quickly grabbed her .38 Special and began firing, hitting one of the suspects.

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Shop owner Shirley Cornett pulls her gun on a robbery suspect.

“They split up, they both pulled out handguns that looked like black semi-automatic pistols and began to rob the store,” said Springdale Police Department Lt. Derek Hudson. “One of the employees also pulled out a weapon and there were shots exchanged.” The suspects then fled the store on foot, leaving several shell casings and blood on the floor, police said.

Neither of the Cornetts was injured in the shootout, though EMTs were called to revive Shirley, who apparently fainted from stress following the incident.

Sometime after 10 a.m., hospital staff at Sparks Regional Medical Center notified Fort Smith police they had just admitted a patient with a gunshot wound to the arm. Springdale PD detectives subsequently identified him as Marcus Gould, 25, one of the suspects in the robbery. His accomplice, 20-year-old Leon Robinson, was later apprehended by police when he returned to the hospital to check on Gould.

Police obtained a search warrant for the rented Buick LeSabre Robertson was driving and found both guns allegedly used in the robbery, bloody clothing, a black duffle bag and a stolen bracelet from C&S Pawn, according to a press release.

Robinson remains jailed on $250,000 bond. Court records indicate past arrests for robbery, burglar and theft.

Watch the video of the attempted robbery and shootout.

And be prepared, while there’s no sound in the store surveillance video, it’s pretty wild!


We know criminals don’t have a reputation for being particularly bright, but you’d think even a dumb robber would figure the owners of a gun shop would be armed and prepared to defend themselves. What are your thoughts?

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One Response to “Dumb Criminals Pick Wrong Gun Shop to Rob”

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    Clayton Rimer

    Very brave shop owners, I commend them for defending themselves. It shows how dumb some would criminals are and how bold they can be. As a society we need to defend ourselves against such acts. I hope both of the criminals are sent to jail for along time.