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Heritage and History of Fiocchi

Fiocchi is five generations strong and has been in operation for over 140 years. They specialize, and are an industry leader, in small caliber ammunitions but also have premium offerings in the hunting, clay and target markets. In 1876 a dying firearms and munition factory in Bologna was bought by Guilio Fiocchi. The arms manufacturer had defaulted on its loan and Guilio worked for the bank that held the loan. He was instructed to visit the facility and see what funds could be extracted.  What Guilio found was an opportunity.  He consulted with his brother, Giacomo, and they decided to purchase the company based on their keen business intuition. Upon purchase they ceased firearm production and moved toward the production of metallic cased ammunition. They began producing shot shell cases with primers and about a decade later added gunpowder to the production line. A short time later the company expanded to include primed cartridges loaded with shot and bullets. This gentle evolution of product offerings allowed the company to focus on the process and perfect every step.

Perfection in production is the key to the reliability that Fiocchi has become to be known for. Guilio always knew the workers were paramount to this production standard. In the early 1900’s, along with the companies move to the beautiful city of Lecco, he built houses for the workers and ensured to pay them sufficient wages to be able to afford to live there.  He hired women and also built a school and a nursery for employees’ children to attend; which are still in operation to this day. This commitment to the employee has stretched generations and not only is the Fiocchi family operation 5 generations strong but many employees are third and fourth generation. The company code of ethics mirrors the families desire to offer a product that is simply the best; to offer a product that they can be proud to write their name on.

“Our success strictly depends on your operating commitment and our moral standards as well. With your support and hard work Fiocchi Munizioni S.p.A will not spoil its consistent reputation and will keep on being respected by its customers, commercial partners and the business community as well.”

Near the turn of the 20thcentury Fiocchi started to expand across the globe. They now export to over 50 countries. In 1980 began the process of true expansion to the United States.  A physical presence was needed in order to fully capture a market share. By 1983 the Fiocchi of America facility was opened in Springfield, Missouri. It originally was designed to import ammunition for storage and shipment. Within a few years it was realized that importing was not effective and a production plant needed to be erected. Company history repeated itself as the current location of the Fiocchi of America plant is on a farm that was going through hard times. The farmer had defaulted on his property loans and Carlo Fiocchi negotiated the purchase with the farmer and the bank. Although strong to start the FOA sector fizzled near the close of the century. A revitalization of the FOA company in 2005 has shown positive and the Fiocchi brand is stronger now than ever before.

Dedication to the company, the family and the industry has kept Fiocchi at the top. They are not afraid to spend time and money to ensure the best quality product. Consistently making technical improvements to machinery and processes has ensured Fiocchi stays a market leader in quality. This premium quality stretches from the casing, to the gunpowder to the finished product. All aspects, across all calibers are seen as equally important. Constantino, Technical Director of Fiocchi Munizioni, sums it up best “Bringing a classic and timeless offering to the market in terms of the highest product quality and innovation at a competitive price is always worth the wait.”  Here’s to another 5 generations of family virtue and values.

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16 Responses to “Heritage and History of Fiocchi”

  1. Avatar

    Emanuel J Freia

    I have been using Flocchi for years and can highly depend on its performance.

  2. Avatar

    Ken Johnston

    These type articles are very informative and helpful to consumers. Keep them coming please. Thanks for being such a resource to the shooting community.

  3. Avatar

    Harry Ledgerwood

    Very interesting article. I have used Fiocchi ammunition for years and have always been satisfied with the performance. Thanks for sharing your article.

  4. Avatar


    I have used Fiocchi for some time now and never had a complaint or a misfire. I did not know they had a plant in the U.S. I enjoy articles such as this to sort of personalize a company.

  5. Avatar

    Henry Artic

    All Fiocchi i used in past/present has worked great! Not a single mis-fire,f.t.f, or any malfunctions . My Taurus .357 revolver runs great with Fiocchi .357 and .38 ammo. And my newest firearm a KAHR CM-9mm is what works best using Fiocchi 9mm ammo. I would trust it for reliability and excellent performance .

  6. Avatar

    Ernest Burdick

    OK, I give up! What country was this co. founded in? Spain, France, Italy, where is Bologna?

  7. Avatar

    Dave Jeffries

    I would like to see low cost 38 special wadcutters for practice shooting. I realize that would be a revolver specific round but if the price were right they wouldn’t have to be “locally” built by folks who still shoot wheelguns.

  8. Avatar

    Mike Baum

    Any company that is good to its employees will usually do well, and deserves the success. I
    enjoyed the information, and will buy more from this manufacturer in the future.

  9. Avatar

    Mickey Walker

    Truly an excellent product. I have been buying and using Fiocchi ammo for many years. Being half Italian, I can relate to the standards of the company.
    Furthermore, the company in Lecco, is only a few miles away from the famed Moto Guzzi factory in Mandello del Lario. I’ve owned and ridden many Moto Guzzi, for 30 years.

  10. Avatar

    David Smith

    Thanks for sharing this, fascinating article.

  11. Avatar


    What came first?
    The bullet…or the gun?

  12. Avatar

    John A. Yarbrough

    I am a NRA Training Counselor and Instructor, BSA Shooting Sports Director, and I have used Fiocchi ammunition for years. I have supplied it to my CCW classes, and used it in my cowboy action shooting for BSA. Very reliable ammunition !!

  13. Avatar


    I only use Fiocchi ammo ,I shoot .223 at long range and their ammo is sub moa groups at my 300 yard zero .and I have hit an 18″ w X 31″h at 1000 Yards with Fiocchi Ammo .I wish they made .260 rem that is my preferred hunting caliber .

  14. Avatar

    David B

    You forgot a timeline in the history of Fiocchi. That would be throughout most of WWII, Fiocchi manufactured ammunition for the Axis Powers. The plant was bombed in 1945 and then rebuilding began in 1946. Telling history by cherry picking bits and pieces of it, never looks good for the story teller.

  15. Avatar

    N E Weekley

    Fiocchi is the best performing all around round for the price…I have no problems utilizing as a self defense carry round, but SG packaging pretty much means they will arrive in a beat up condition.