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Happy B-day National Park system! You may be 102 years old, and that’s young at heart for us. A few years ago, we celebrated the National Park Service birthday by providing you this handy FREE National Parks Checklist Map.

It features 58 National Parks with a place to check each off after you visit. We noticed you’ve enjoyed this resource. Two of our readers said they’d like a comprehensive map that includes more than just the National Park units, so here you go:

Download National Park Map


While this isn’t a checklist map, it is a comprehensive Map that includes ALL National Park Systems units. Download it, print it off in color, hang it up on your wall, and place a push-pin at each location you’ve visited. The Brochure Map shows the entire Park System, including these units:

  • IHS International Historic Site
  • NB National Battlefield
  • NBP National Battlefield Park
  • NBS National Battlefield Site
  • NHP National Historical Park
  • NHP & PRES National Historical Park and Preserve
  • NH RES National Historical Reserve
  • NHS National Historic Site
  • NL National Lakeshore
  • NM National Monument
  • NM & PRES National Monument and Preserve
  • NMP National Military Park
  • N MEM National Memorial
  • NP National Park
  • NP & PRES National Park and Preserve
  • N PRES National Preserve
  • NR National River
  • NRA National Recreation Area
  • NRR National Recreational River
  • NRRA National River and Recreation Area
  • N RES National Reserve
  • NS National Seashore
  • NSR National Scenic River/Riverway
  • NST National Scenic Trail
  • PKWY Parkway
  • SRR Scenic and Recreational River
  • WR Wild River
  • WSR Wild and Scenic River

If you have Acrobat Pro, you can print tiled sections of the poster-sized wall map and tape them together to create one large wall map by choosing, “Tile Pages.” View this Adobe Acrobat page to learn how to print a customized poster.

If you’re looking for a more interactive Park Service Map broken down by each State, check out this National Parks listed by state. You can also download and print those prized glossy park Brochures Maps that you get at the park entrance. Just select your state, then select “Maps,” for the park you’re interested in.

National Park Passport Stamps

Here’s a fun way to record each of your park visits. Purchase a National Park Passport and get a cancellation stamp (a stamp similar to those in your passport) at each park that participates. For a complete list of all stamp cancellation locations, view this PDF of the Nat. Parks Cancellation Stations Locations.

Or download the FREE Passport To Your National Parks Companion App®, which you can use with or without purchasing the passport. I downloaded the app and tested its features. You can find a park by names, state, or region, with info including the address, phone, park link, and a link to your smartphone’s map to provide you driving directions. When you register with the app, you can save park info and upload photos for the parks you’ve visited.

Hope you enjoy these updated resources! And happy 102 b-day National Park System! #NationalPark #FindYourPark



NPS birthday photo courtesy of Richard Spener and

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