Game Warden Frees Locked-Up Bucks with His Glock [VIDEO]

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We’ve seen our share of locked-up bucks getting rescued, but this one takes the cake.

Wearing a body cam, Kansas Game Warden Lynn Koch captured the footage of a very unusual method of separation: a well-placed shot from his .45 cal. Glock 21.

The kicker? This isn’t even the first time he has tried this method. “Las “Last year I (shot the antlers to free two bucks) but one of the deer was already dead,” Koch told

After talking it over with his fellow Game Warden Brad Hageman — who was also on the scene — Officer Koch decides that shooting was the best and SAFEST course of action for both deer and human.

So he lined up the shot, and, with little fanfare, squeezed the trigger.

His high-pitched “ha-HAA” should tell you that the shot was perfect. He took cover behind a tree as both animals scampered off. The locked-up bucks live to fight another day.

The video was posted to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks’ Facebook page, and has over half a million views since being posted last week.

Very impressive! Kudos, gentlemen.


Some really cool body camera footage of one of our Game Wardens separating locked together bucks by shooting the antler on one of the bucks. These guys are free to fight again next autumn. Great shot sir!

Posted by Kansas Wildlife, Parks & Tourism – Game Wardens on Monday, February 6, 2017


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10 Responses to “Game Warden Frees Locked-Up Bucks with His Glock [VIDEO]”

  1. Ronda Williams

    Fantastic Job guys!!!

    • Willie johnson

      So Agree with Rhonda. Super Job Wardens. Great Aim, Waeden. but I would have used my Glock 20 ! Ha Haa !!

  2. Bob Horner

    The only thing is you can call him Elliot now that he only has i horn!?! (From animated movie “Great Outdoors”) lol

  3. doug van bockern

    Great shot

  4. Robert McLing

    It’s satisfying to see a professional like Game Warden Koch handle the situation in such a proficient & effective manner, allowing both deer to not just survive, but escape unscathed back into the wild. Kudos to you, sir!

  5. buzz

    A time to kill and a time to save and Warden Koch sure knew the difference. I think he did one heck of a nice job As an old Marine I’d say he’d be a good man to have in a fox hole next to you.

  6. Demencio Campos jr

    really cool thank God he shoots strait great job sir congrats!!!

  7. Commodore Collins

    I heck of a shot !!! That bullet could anywhere but where you want it most of the time.

  8. SMJ

    Nicely done. Thanks for sharing the video.

  9. Gordy

    A well placed great shot saves one set of trophy antlers and more important both bucks to facilitate the life cycle of the “Great Outdoors”. Well done Officer!!