Get Your U.S. National Parks Checklist Map [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Earlier this week, the National Park Service celebrated its 98th birthday by offering free admission to its 58 National Parks (plus National Monuments, National Recreation Areas, National Historic Sites, National Historical Parks, National Seashores, National Military Parks, and National Battlefields).

That got me to thinking…how many of these National Treasures have I actually visited myself?

The answer: a woeful few (five to be exact).

And that’s a darn shame. National Parks provide the opportunity to experience our country’s unspoiled beauty – the way it was before it became one concrete-paved expanse of gas stations, strip malls and fast food restaurants. That’s something that really should not be taken for granted.

So, while time and money may preclude me from getting to all 58 in my lifetime, I’ve made it a goal to at least do better than five. And this 20×30″ U.S. National Parks Checklist Map that I happened to stumble upon is a great way to keep that goal from being lost.  Print it out, hang it on the fridge and start planning. Makes for great wall art, too.

How many National Parks have YOU checked off the list?

[To download your full-size map: Right click image, “Save Image As”]

[To simply view full-size map: click image, then click on “expand” arrows in upper right hand corner]

While you’re at it, why not donate to the National Park Service?


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24 Responses to “Get Your U.S. National Parks Checklist Map [FREE DOWNLOAD]”

  1. Kyle

    1) Map does not include Pinnacles National Park.

    2) Mojave is included in the map, though it is a national preserve, while not included in the checklist below.

  2. Molly Picardi

    Free Map Plz

  3. James Barnhart

    Went Camping at Crooked River State Park. They camp ground were very clean and the site really nice. I wasn’t expecting them to be that nice. I camped at some of the state parks a long time ago but hey have came a long way, since then. I will be coming back and doing a lot more camping in the park.

  4. Jessica

    Why are the parks in the NE not on here? Ohio and New York have some great camping parks! Is there another complete version of this map with all the big parks?

    • Matt Dybedahl

      Matt Dybedahl


      This map only lists the 58 National Parks in the United States. But you’re right — New York actually has the most state park locations. I wasn’t able to find an entire map checklist for the state parks, but I was able to find a state-by-state breakdown on wikipedia. If you follow the link and click on the state, you’ll be able to see all of the recognized parks for that particular state.

  5. Kyle shelton

    Free map

  6. Sean Quigley

    Love the national Parks. Big Bend is my favorite!

  7. Gabriel


  8. Colette Bauer

    I really love this map and the formatting. However, I wish there was another type of checklist with all national lands (including battlefields, monuments, etc.) not just parks in an all inclusive categorized format.

  9. Peggy

    I am a big fan of our national parks.

  10. Rick Espinosa

    My wife and I just purchased an rv and plan to visit all the national parks in our retirement. Wish us luck!

  11. Unkjime J. M. Strake

    74 = Time to play, New Toy Hauler, 5 grand kids, I want them to see the things i saw growing up.

  12. Lisa Reitz

    Thank you so much! I want to get to them all too, but time is running out – I have been to 19 of the 59.

  13. Robert Schell

    Are family love to go to as many pales as we can.also at boys love to do the junior range and get their books stamped.

  14. Robert Schell

    Are family love to go to as many parks as we can.also are boys love to do the junior range and get their books stamped.

  15. Dennice Burroughs

    I will be using this to teach first grade social studies – Thank you!

  16. Tammy Frady

    Going traveling to visit all the national state parks

  17. Quang

    The map pls

  18. Alexandra

    Amazing thanks!

  19. Tracy lee

    Free map plz


    83 HIGH ST ABINGTON mA 02351