Guy Shoots a Barrett .50 Cal. From Inside His House [VIDEO]

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Sometimes in the course of human history, truly curious individuals are compelled to do something crazy just to see what happens.

Like, for example, the great scientist Carl Scheele, who had the odd habit of tasting any new substance he discovered.

Well, you can Eric Pettway to that list.

Eric is the proud owner of a Barrett M107A1 chambered in the devastating .50 BMG. For all we know, he got tired of shooting his M107 at a regular ol’ range off of a regular old sandbag, and decided to go for the gusto by shooting it from within the confines of his living room.

Why? Because this is America. That’s why. And because he probably wanted to see what happened. For his experiment, he chose armor-piercing tracer rounds, and decided to shoot off a small glass table.

Check it out:




And somehow, the small glass end table survives.

It should be said that he has a range in his backyard, and has taken the necessary precautions (as much as you can when you’re doing something this crazy, at least).

Aside from a smoke detector going off and a ceiling shower, the house is no worse fot the wear. So there you have it.

Experiment: Successful.



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