American Flag Patch with Velcro

Maintaining Stealth in a Hook-and-Loop Environment

Sometimes you come across videos that offer such a profound epiphany, you can’t help but share them.

The “hook-and-loop closure”, pioneered by Velcro® and implemented nowadays by most militaries around the world, offers the modern day warrior both a blessing and a curse.

The super-secure stickiness of the basic hook-and-loop grip makes it easy to add accessories, pouches, ID patches, and more across an almost universal range of pack and clothing options. But the curse comes in the form of the tell-tale ripping noise that’s seemingly unavoidable. But there are a few ways military operatives have learned to circumvent this annoying limitation.



After I watched the video and got done groaning, I decided to throw together a few items that use the humble hook-and-loop closure to great effect. While you probably don’t want to use them during your next commando-stye infiltration mission, they work great during everyday ops around the home, office or range.

Hungarian Military Vest

A choice companion for range day. When you need to upgrade your pocket selection past what a T-shirt provides, this Vest straps over the top of your ensemble and allows you to keep all your range tools ready to roll at a moment’s notice. I’ve seen a Vest like this transformed into a dedicated Gun Show vest with a stashed note pad, bore light, magnifier and more.

U.S. Military Surplus M4 Double Mag Pouch

MOLLE straps let you attach this Pouch wherever you might need a reload. From your belt to your vest to your range bag. When you need a reload, just rip off the top and grab a fresh mag. Need a place to drop your empties? Check out this Dump Pouch.

Kryptek Camo Baseball Cap

Front displays a team you can always root for. Back has an adjustable hook-and-loop strap for fitting your head’s shape precisely. Moisture-wicking inner headband keeps you cool even when there’s chores to do or a big camping adventure ahead.

U.S. Military Soft Shell Jacket

A rugged outer layer to wrap-up for a trip out into the unknown. Filled with pockets for keeping tools separate and easily reachable. Lightweight for breathable comfort hiking demanding trails.

U.S. Military Poseidon Gloves

Stick your paws into these Gloves and get ready to conquer the outdoors. 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX liner. With a wrists that cinch tight against the fiercest snowstorm.

Of course, the development of “hook and Loop”  closures actually has a pretty cool history. If you’ve ever picked cockleburs out of the fur of your dog, you’re getting close to the mindset of Velcro’s original inventors.


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