Invasion of the Pet Goldfish

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Every now and then you hear stories about people releasing unwanted pets into the wild. Like pythons in Florida and such. In fact, recently in Australia, police mistakenly released a pregnant, disease-carrying boa constrictor into the wild thinking it was a python (it’s not funny, though it does sound like the premise of a B-movie). Well, it seems like someone decided they just could not bring their pet goldfish to dishonorable death by toilet flush, and released them into a lake. And the owner may be pleased to know the fish did not die!

In fact, they multiplied. By the THOUSANDS.

Serious aquarium action.
Serious aquarium action.

And that is a problem.

Now Teller Lake #5 in Boulder, Colorado is having a major issue with this exotic species threatening the aquatic ecosystem. It could result in “electro fishing” to stun the fish and bring them to the surface for removal, or flat-out draining the lake. Strangely enough, Colorado Parks and Wildlife had a similar incident about two years ago, relying on zapping over 2,200 koi goldfish out of Thunderbird Lake.

Click here to watch the news story, courtesy of Colorado’s 9 News.  While invasive species are a constant ecological issue, it sure is not any easier when human negligence amplifies the problem.

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