It’s Always a Treat to See Turkeys in the Wild. Except When This Happens. [VIDEO]


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Here in Minnesota, the only time you see turkeys in day-to-day life is, of course, outside of turkey season.

And even then, you don’t see them that often. Turkey numbers still haven’t totally recovered since being reintroduced to the state in 1971 after total extirpation in the decades before.

So, on those rare occasions when you DO see them, it’s a real treat. Unless, of course, they run out in front of your car at freeway speed.



Turkeys are among the smartest birds, and usually have a little more good sense than this. Not sure what this guy was thinking.

At any rate, it basically destroys the windshield. Not sure if there was any additional structural damage, but the average adult turkey weighs about 15 pounds, so it’s like getting hit with a bowling ball.

We’re just glad everyone is ok.



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