Blaze Pink in Wisconsin Closer to Reality

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Recently, the Wisconsin State Assembly voted 14-1 on Assembly Bill 291, pertaining to “the color of clothing required to be worn during the season for hunting deer with firearms”. Precisely, the Bill has become known as the “Blaze Pink Bill”, and would legalize Blaze Pink for hunting in the state.

So far, there has been considerable excitement for the Bill, indicated by the overwhelming majority by which it won. The lone “no”? Representative Ken Skowronski, who after asking hundreds of women in the state, “only five or six thought it was a good idea”. In fact, the idea gives him “heartburn”.

And to be clear, Blaze Orange could still be worn as an option, in accordance with the law.

Bill proponent Joel Kleefisch and others proudly state their case.
Bill proponent Joel Kleefisch and others wear it proudly.

Supporters claim that adding the color gives hunters options. Research seems to support that Pink is actually more difficult for deer to see. A benefit could also be a boost for the garment industry with increased pink hunting attire. Opponents see it as gimmicky, or merely a fashion statement…a way to attract women to hunting.

I have covered this topic in a previous post about pink in regards to hunting clothes. Click here if you missed it. Check out all the comments, too!

Next up? The Bill heads to the Senate. If it passes, Governor Scott Walker would then have to approve. From there, would other states introduce similar legislation? Only time will tell.

So, would you wear Blaze Pink, or stick to traditional Orange?

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One Response to “Blaze Pink in Wisconsin Closer to Reality”

  1. Gregory kopp

    If it brings more woman to hunting, fine with me.