“When You Spend Time in the Field, You are Going to See Some Strange Things.”

Imagine going out for a stroll in the woods and coming across…

… this:

What the what? (Image: Charlie Maraist via Louisiana Sportsman)
What the what?
(Image: Charlie Maraist via Louisiana Sportsman)

That would be a “Mexican Squealer.”

AKA Black-bellied Whistling Duck.

With its head…stuck in a tree.

Not the most dignified way to go out, lil’ buddy.

As reported on Louisiana Sportsman, the freshly dead odd duck was spotted by Charlie Maraist and a friend, who were constructing a duck blind in the thick, cypress-willow swampy area in the Atchafalaya Basin, near Grevenberg, LA.

“I was thinking he went to try to land and his head got caught, then he started fighting it and fought it until there was no way he was getting out.” said Maraist.

When shown the photo, state waterfowl experts had very little insight either, guessing that maybe a predator had been hiding out in the hollow tree cavity.

State waterfowl study leader Larry Reynolds expertly summed it all up:

“When you spend time in the field, you are going to see strange things.”

That’s for sure. As reported on Guide Outdoors time and time again, you never know what’s going to happen in the Great Outdoors.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in the field? Tell us about it – or better yet, share your photo or video with your fellow Guide Outdoors readers!


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2 Responses to ““When You Spend Time in the Field, You are Going to See Some Strange Things.””

  1. Trenton Jackson

    Had the same type of thing happen. Came across a hawk with its leg caught in the crack of a steel corner post. Its leg had almost been torn off, just hanging on by some skin. Took out a knife, cut the skin and the hawk flew away. At least it still had a chance.