Terrifying: Bear Attacks Bow Hunter [VIDEO]

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It’s Halloween, so I thought I’d post one of the most terrifying bear attack videos I’ve ever seen.

Richard Wesley was bow hunting near Fire River, Ontario, when a black bear approached his position.

Armed only with a recurve bow, his first reaction should’ve been to yell and scream in an attempt to move the bear out of the area.

Instead, he does nothing, and the black bear quickly closes the gap between the two and attacks.

Warning: Some NSFW language.



Luckily for Richard, the bear seems uninterested in finishing the job, and runs off.

Poor Richard is a babbling mess, barely capable of putting together a coherent sentence. Not that we blame him. This is a terrifying ordeal that could’ve ended so much worse for him.

It’s a good reminder that taking a back-up pistol is always a good idea.

Thankfully, Richard suffered only a bruised elbow from when he fell. Other than that, he’s no worse for the wear.



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