Check Out This Terrifying Encounter Between Hiker and Momma Grizzly [VIDEO]

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Today’s video fills me with a deep sense of unease.

This guy was hiking one of the trails in Katmai National Park, Alaska, when he encountered a very dangerous situation: a momma grizzly with her cubs.

Now, coming face to face with a grizzly is bad news no matter what, but stumbling upon a mom with her young cubs is just so much worse.

The momma bear and her cubs started following the guy, never getting more than 50 feet away from him. Thankfully, despite the dread he must be feeling, he has the presence of mind to start filming.



He does the right thing by not turning and running, which would’ve triggered the bear’s chase instinct. He stays calm and tries not to stumble.

Once again, here are a few tips on what to do when you encounter a brown bear:

  • Do not run
  • Avoid direct eye contact
  • Walk away slowly if the bear is not approaching
  • If the bear charges, stand your ground (you can’t outrun a bear)
  • Don’t scream or yell. Speak in a soft monotone voice and wave your arms to let the animal know you are human
  • If the animal makes contact, curl up into a ball on your side, or lie flat on your stomach
  • Try not to panic; remain as quiet as possible until the attack ends

Thankfully, he makes it to safety, and even throws in some footage of the momma and her cubs at the water’s edge, which was likely their destination all along.

I hope.

Stay safe out there, folks. Get some bear spray. Or a Ruger Redhawk.


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One Response to “Check Out This Terrifying Encounter Between Hiker and Momma Grizzly [VIDEO]”

  1. Debra Stuart

    Good advice, but I don’t know anyone who has had to use bear spray. I know it must be effective, but how effective? Also, can a .357 also be an effective firearm? Thanks in advance!