This Black Bear Fight Doesn’t Stop Even After One of Them Dies [VIDEO]

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These hunters were in northern Saskatchewan on a spring bear hunt when they witnessed an incredible sight.

Ryan, the hunter in the video, watched as a sow and her cub came over to get a bite at the bait site——only to be joined moments later by a big ol’ male.

The sow didn’t appreciate the boar’s presence, and sent her young cub up a tree while she dealt with the problem.

The bears scuffle for a few moments…until Ryan puts an arrow into boar.

But that doesn’t stop the angry female. Check it out:



The boar ran about 20 yards and died, but the sow kept attacking him.

At about 6:35, you can really see her tearing the dead boar apart. Unbelievable.

She doesn’t stop even after she senses the hunter’s presence, so Ryan has to resort to bear spray to get her away. Even after spraying her, Ryan and his friends decided to give her and her cub a good amount of time to get out of the area.

Only when they go back to collect the dead boar do they see just how torn up he is.

Crazy stuff.


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