This Grizzly Bear Release is Terrifying [VIDEO]

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It’s almost October, and in the spirit of the season, I’m posting the scariest video I’ve seen in some time.

Shoutout to Reddit for this awesomely terrifying gif of a grizzly bear being released from a cage.

From the Sierra Club Magazine article about the bears:

“The second bear, the seemingly sedate Abbot Male……explodes from the trap as soon as the rising door allows. Instead of running across Yakinikak Creek as expected, he makes a hard left and flies straight at my camera and tripod. The resultant video is mesmerizing, as the old bear leaps at the camera with an open mouth and worn teeth. He carries the camera a few paces, breathing loudly, before slamming it to the ground and disappearing into the creek bottom.”


Grizzly bear release from r/gifs


Could you imagine facing down a grizzly bear that’s THIS angry? You wouldn’t even have time to reach for your bear spray or Ruger Redhawk. It would be over just like.

A great reminder that if a bear wants to get you, he’ll get you.



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