8 Trail Cam Photos You Can Actually Learn From

8 Trail Cam Photos You Can Actually Learn From

Hunters who devote themselves to finding and pursuing the game animals they covet aren’t new to trail cameras. They’ve used them for years, and each generation has more tech and features jammed in than the last.

But are you truly using those trail cam photos to your advantage, or just sifting through until you find some antlers to drool over?

No matter what kind of hunting you do, a trail cam is going to help, but only if you do the extra work to understand what it’s telling you.

Don’t sweat it, there are some really simple things you can instantly commit to memory that will change the way you look at trail cam photos. Check them out, and apply them to your situation. You might just learn a thing or two.

A memory card full of trail cam photos can be a true wilderness diary, and give hunters an increased chance at fulfilling their seasonal goals. If you aren’t using your trail cam photos wisely, you’re clearly missing out.

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5 Responses to “8 Trail Cam Photos You Can Actually Learn From”

  1. Benedict Gomez

    Moon phase has been scientifically proven to have little to no impact on buck movement, with radio and GPS collars, yet this myth gets repeated over-and-over again.

    • Bill S

      Not moon phase but position, either overhead or underfoot. I’ve noticed game movement rises at both these times.

  2. Ron Schatzman

    Thank you .this was helpful. We never stop learning. I am 81 years old

  3. Max Davis

    My experience is that I tend to see more deer movement in early morning when there is a new moon vs a full moon

  4. Virgil Turner

    good info.