Big Lake High School Trap Team

High School Trap Team Rejected From School Yearbook

Although it’s less than ten years old, trap shooting has become Minnesota’s fastest-growing high school sport. In fact, it has more participants in Minnesota than boys’ golf, tennis, swimming, and even ice hockey. But unlike those other high school sports, you won’t find the clay shooting team in Big Lake’s 2017 yearbook. That’s because the team posed for their annual yearbook photo with shotguns in hand.

And despite it being a school sponsored team, Big Lake administration does not allow photos to be shown with firearms. According to the article from KSTP-TV, the school’s athletic director asked the team to retake the photo without the firearms, or write a proposal on why the original photo should be allowed.

So what do you think? Should the team’s photo be allowed in the yearbook?


Story Update (4/27 1:46 PM): Well, it looks like the trap team will have their photo included in the yearbook after all. After much public outcry, Big Lake High School amended their policy to allow the trap team to display firearms in their photos and team posters. You can read the amended policy below:

All photos, written text, and artwork must conform to school policies and are subject to approval by the yearbook advisor and/or administration. Photos and artwork that violate school policy, display firearms, weapons, drugs, alcohol, inappropriate gestures or poses, and revealing or obscene clothing may be edited or excluded without permission or notification. Exception given to our school-sponsored trap-shooting team which will be allowed to have team pictures in the yearbook, team poster displayed in the school, and any approved photos taken by yearbook staff. These photos would include their firearms.


Photo/Story credit: KSTP-TV


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3 Responses to “High School Trap Team Rejected From School Yearbook”

  1. Richard Garrett

    Wow. What next ? Hockey, both field and ice (with sticks); archery, field events (javelin, discus), bowling !!! Batons. Trombones in the marching band?? The Top Of Utah

    • Matt Dybedahl

      Matt Dybedahl

      Pretty ridiculous, right? Thankfully the school amended their policy this afternoon and is now allowing the trap team’s photo to be shown in the yearbook.

  2. Jacques Lebec

    I don’t understand the reasoning, how times have changed. I went to high school in Minnesota, we tied our shotgun’s to our bikes and rode to the river to hunt ducks. No body had a problem with it then. It was the 60’s, times have changed.