Watch and Laugh as this Spear Fisherman Gets Dragged By a Grouper [VIDEO]

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Grayson Shepard was having some success while spearfishing a wreck site in the Gulf of Mexico…but the local goliath groupers made sure most of his fresh kills didn’t make it back to dry land.

“In the first scene, I shot a snapper and was pulling it towards me when a goliath came out of hiding and tried to eat it. Had I been retrieving the fish any slower he would have been successful,” Grayson says.

He gets the first snapper on his stringer and just shoots another when a lurking grouper lunges for the fish, catching it firmly in his maw and dragging Grayson a ways while also destroying his spear.

The third encounter is with several goliath groupers, all fighting for his speared fish. One of the monstrous fish swallows it and breaks his line in the process, losing him yet another spear.

“Immediately after the line breaks, an unseen Goliath that had sneaked up behind me eats a fish that was on my stringer and took off with it with me in tow,” he writes.

Sounds like a rough day in the water.

Warning: NSFW language, I think. You can’t really make out what he’s saying, but I’m pretty sure he’s cursing up a storm. I probably would too.



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