Wisconsin DNR Memo About Concrete Deer a Hoax

The memo from the Wisconsin DNR.
The memo from the Wisconsin DNR.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources issued a press release last week to quell concerns that it was requiring all residents with ornamental deer in their yards to remove them prior to the beginning of a statewide deer count November 1, so the faux deer wouldn’t skew the agency’s statistics.

The announcement was in response to an official-looking memo — complete with DNR-logo letterhead — making the rounds on social media that turned out to be one, hilarious joke.

“Obviously, it’s a hoax,” said Jim Dick, spokesman for the DNR said regarding the memo. “We’re not asking people to remove their concrete deer ornaments.”

The DNR’s real media alert issued September 29 explained that a good way to spot that the memo was bogus was that the name used was misspelled and the person referenced is not the DNR secretary as suggested.

The fake memo was dated August 3, but the DNR became aware of it September 28 as it spread over social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

In reporting the hoax, Minnesota Public Radio suggested the “anti-concrete-deer crowd” was responsible for creating the memo.

Calling it “the Great Concrete Deer Hoax of 2015,” MPR pointed out that “it’s not known if the hoax has resulted in many people falling for it,” though a DNR Facebook post mentions “several” state residents contacted the agency asking if the memo was authentic.


How about it Guide Outdoors Readers … do you think this was a good joke, or do you think the DNR should not have put out this memo?




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