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10 Must-See Camo Cars!

Camouflage. Some wear it on their sleeves, others their truck or car. And the owners of these camo vehicles are proud to show off their love for the Great Outdoors.

Volkswagen Baja Bug

Volkswagen Baja Bug

Baja Bug or ultimate duck blind? Consider us sold.

Camouflage Limousine

Camo Limo

Nothing screams “I LOVE THE GREAT OUTDOORS” more than getting married in a camouflage limo.

Camo Hearse

Camo hearse

The true way to go out with a bang. Heck, with all that extra storage you could bury your duck blind, decoys and other gear!

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

Military Aston martin

The Mercedes Gullwing is a sought-after classic and carries a hefty price tag. But we’re sure this military-inspired camo pattern will look great on your 1995 Ford 150.

Pink Chevy Silverado

Pink Camo Truck

We don’t normally hunt woods with a lot of pink foliage, but pink camo is pretty popular these days.

Digital Camo Ice Cream Truck

Nike Ice Cream Truck

Even the famous shoemaker loves camouflage. In 2012, this “ice cream” truck was used to sell sneakers and other merchandise around New York City.

Camo “Tank”

Porsche Tank

Car or tank? You decide.

International Harvester Scout II

 International Scout II

Imagine the off roading you could do in this International Harvester Scout II. Plus, it has a badass camo paint job. What more do you want?

Willie Robertson’s “Duckoflaged” BMW Z4

Willie BMW

If you’re a fan of “Duck Dynasty” or Duck Commander calls, you’ve probably seen this “Duckoflaged” BMW Z4.

Chevy Avalanche

Chevy Avalanche

If this isn’t considered cool…we don’t want to be cool.

Have a decked-out camo truck or car? Show us below! 

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    Dawn Iagnemma-Mossbarger

    I have pictures, but not sure how to send them to you of my car it in camo.
    Please let me know how.
    Thanks Dawn