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5 Easy Ways to “Get Cleaned Up” for Easter.

Where’s the wash tub?

One of the simple pleasures of working for Sportsman’s Guide is the dress code: casual. Not business casual. Real casual. Like wearing jeans and a flannel. Every day. Maybe mixing it up with some camo.

On any given day, the amount of denim, flannel and Mossy Oak Break-Up® walking through the halls is impressive. Forget the sneakers. We wear boots here, both kinds: work and cowboy. And there’s always a sweet belt buckle or two swaggering around the mess hall.

But even for dyed-in-the-wool, sure-shooting, deer-hunting, fish-slaying guys like me and my SG brothers, there are two days a year — Christmas and Easter—when we do the unthinkable: We dress up.

Khaki pants, a button-down shirt, maybe even a tie, and a decent pair of shoes. “You clean up nice.” That’s what the old ladies at church tell us. And they’re right. But here’s the thing…we don’t like it.

I feel like an old dog wearing a collar two sizes too small when I’m wearing a tie. I can’t wait to pull it off and throw it in the closet for another 8 months.

And I know plenty of guys who’d rather kiss their cousin than wear khaki pants or – worse yet – dress pants. But we have wives. And mothers. And we pick our battles. So we nut up and dress up.

The good news is, your friends at Sportsman’s Guide make it easy to get cleaned up with good-looking Pants, Shirts and Shoes that make the grade for “Sunday Best”, yet won’t get your Dude License revoked.

So even if you have to get gussied up for Easter, you can still maintain your dignity. And you can do it without spending a bundle of money.

Here are 5 easy options for “getting cleaned up” and pulling together a Sportsman-approved Easter wardrobe:

Option 1: Guide Gear® Performance Short-sleeve Polo ShirtsGuide Gear Performance Polo Shirt

A classic choice that will always be in style. Totally versatile, too. Wear it with khakis, cargo pants, dress pants or jeans. Pairs well with shorts, too. Cool, breathable 100% polyester performance fabric feels great, especially for summer.





Option 2: Guide Gear® Sportsman’s Long-sleeve ShirtsGuide Gear Sportsman's Long-sleeve Shirt

These sharp-looking, wrinkle-resistant 100% cotton Shirts are an easy
go-to whenever you need to look your best.











Option 3: Guide Gear® Flat-front Pants

Stylish and priced right, Freedom Pants feature a stretchable waistband for a comfortable fit. Plus, they’re wrinkle-resistant, so you can wear them again and again and they’ll still look great.









Option 4: Guide Gear® Mendota Pants

A great alternative to blue jeans, our Mendota Pants feature a gusseted crotch and a hint of stretch for a no-pinch, feel-good fit.




Option 5:  Guide Gear® Gunflint Casual ShoesGuide Gear Casual Shoes

These are double-duty winners: Stylish enough to be dressy. Rugged enough to be everyday favorites. Genuine leather and comfortable as heck, all for a great low price.







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