Morel Mushrooms found in the woods

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Hunting Morel Mushrooms This Year

Great for the mind, body and soul

After a cold winter and being stuck indoors, it feels great to finally get outside. The combination of fresh air, warm sun and tasty mushrooms is sure to have you coming back for more. It’s also great exercise and an easy way to drop those winter pounds, too. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that mushroom hunting coincides with scouting spring turkeys.

It coincides with scouting spring turkey

It just so happens that Morel Mushrooms start popping up at the time you should be out scouting spring turkey. Hens are moving from wintering areas to areas where they will start breeding. So when you’re out hunting mushrooms listen and look for hens. The roosters won’t be far behind. You can also look for tracks crossing dirt roads and even road kill. Be sure to take note of where you see and hear turkeys, the time of day, weather conditions, etc.

It’s a great way to introduce youth to the Great Outdoors

These days kids don’t spend enough time outdoors. Between school, video games and youth sports, there’s no “time” for enjoying the Great Outdoors. A simple mushroom hunting excursion can change that. Morels are fairly easy to identify, but not so easy to find. This combination is great for keeping kids engaged and having fun. Pro Tip: If you happen to spot a mushroom before they do, lead ’em over to that area and let them “find” it. You’re guaranteed to have a mushroom hunting partner for life.

They taste delicious

There’s a reason why Morel mushrooms cost a fortune…it’s because they’re so darn delicious. Morels have a taste that’s unlike other mushrooms you find at your local grocery store. They’re more “meaty” and have an earthy taste that goes great with everything from steak to pastas. I personally enjoy them with just a little flour and butter. You can find my favorite recipe here.

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5 Responses to “4 Reasons Why You Should Be Hunting Morel Mushrooms This Year”

  1. Carol Leslie

    I have been out looking for them for several days here in south east Indiana. Haven’t found a one. Would love to have a batch to fry up. Nothing Better than model mushrooms!

  2. Russell Lissuzzo

    I have a friend that was in a “morel hunting club”. He had preserved a quart jar full and gave them to me as a gift. Awesome! Can you suggest a good guide-book for leaning how to “hunt morels”?

  3. Nikki Edwards

    In reply to Mr. Lissuzzo’s comment, here are three wonderful websites to guide you in beginning and improving your hunt for “The Great Morel” mushrooms. Those of us who live in Michigan have enjoyed this mighty morel from childhood through the days our legs can’t search the terrain any longer.A continued blessing year after year…. as many family traditions and memories are made from mushroom hunting season!!! We look forward to it every year and although I can no longer eat them….I still enjoy “the hunt”. Enjoy the articles below, and search for morel mushroom forum boards for your area to help give insight as to where they are finding them near you.

    • kelly desive

      thanks for sharing the information on moral mushrooms i clicked on the link and will use the information i got while hunt asparagus.

  4. Jerry zollman

    I hunt them every year. This year was good. The only bad thing is so much logging going on. Sad to see so many hunting places going into crop fields. Morels taste great. Trying to star a garden to grow them!