Bolderton Elite Sportsman's Chair

5 Reasons You Need This Hunting Chair.

“Roughing it” on the hunt is a badge of honor for hunters—when we’re young and fit. Over the years, I’ve learned that comfort is a factor that deserves thoughtful consideration. For me, sitting on a lawn chair or a spindly little pop-up chair in the field or in a blind just doesn’t cut it anymore. Thankfully, hunting chairs have evolved to be more comfortable, more mobile and more versatile than ever. The Bolderton® Elite Sportsman’s Chair is a prime example. 

Here are 5 reasons the Bolderton Elite Sportsman’s Chair is a smart choice for your next hunt.

1. It’s comfortable

First and foremost, the Sportsman’s Chair is comfortable. It features a wide seat with 1” thick padding, along with an adjustable backrest. You can actually sit in this chair for long periods of time without your rear end going numb. 

Bolderton Elite Hunting Chair

2. It’s easily portable

Comfortable, adjustable backstraps make it easy to haul this hunting chair into the field, hands-free. The standard size model weighs just 8 lbs., and the XL model weighs only 14 lbs.  

3. It’s smart

Smartly designed with 4 storage compartments, including a large front compartment with drop-down shelf, side ammo pocket, back mesh stuff pocket and rear wet storage compartment, the Bolderton Elite Sportsman’s Chair offers plenty of storage space for ammo, calls, tools, binoculars and other accessories. Handy storage makes this chair great not only for hunting, but shore fishing as well.

4. It’s tough and sturdy

The frame is made of lightweight yet incredibly strong aluminum that won’t rust and won’t bend. Plus, the fabric shell is rugged 600-denier polyester. And don’t worry about soft or uneven ground…the legs can be adjusted to account for uneven surfaces, and they feature wide duck feet that won’t sink into soft ground. The Standard Size model has a 300-lb. weight capacity, while the XL version supports up to 500 lbs.

5. It’s versatile

With hands-free portability and ample storage, the Bolderton Elite Sportsman’s Chair is great for turkey hunting and waterfowl hunting, plus it’s perfect for shore fishing when your hot spot is off the beaten path. 

Available in Standard Size and XL, the Bolderton® Elite Sportsman’s Chair is a smart choice for making your next hunt or shore fishing excursion more comfortable and more successful. Get yours today! And be sure to check out our full assortment of Ground Blinds and Hunting Chairs from all the top brands in the industry.

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    What is the cost for standard Chair?

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    What do these chairs cost?