58 Gallon Storage Drum

When it comes to secure storage, there’s nothing better than this U.S. Military Surplus 58-gallon Drum. It was originally used to ship and store components used on the GBU-12 Paveway II laser-guided bomb and is now ready for a variety of uses including storage and some more creative uses. 

Storage Drums are wider and shorter than a standard 55-gallon drum, so they’re easier to fill. Side handles make moving it into position fairly easy. The pressure relief valve and humidity indicator, both of which are functional, help control the moisture level inside. They’re also stackable, so if you get more than one, they won’t take up a huge footprint in your garage or barn.

Storage Solutions

Made from heavy-duty steel, this 58-gallon Surplus Drum is the epitome of secure storage. Great for keeping blankets and linens safe from critters at the cabin, storing tools and yard equipment, or even keeping feed for whitetails, farm animals, and other wildlife. 

DIY Deer Feeder

There’s plenty of deer feeders on the market, but if you’re looking to create one to your exact specifications, our 58-gallon surplus drum is a good way to get it done. Feeder can be as easy as a simple gravity-fed design, or make it a little more advanced with Wildgame Innovation’s Feeder Kit that automatically dispenses feed up to 2 times a day. 

DIY Rain Barrel

If you’ve got a green thumb, our 58-gallon Surplus Drum makes it easy to create your own heavy-duty rain barrel. Just add your own spigot and hose, or it can be combined with a surplus hand pump like this, or even an electric pump if you have access to power. Will hold up to 58 gallons of water for washing hands, watering your garden, or whatever else you need a little H2O for.

Want to get your hands on one? Pick it up here and get ready for safe storage or your next DIY project. Already have our Military Surplus Storage Drum? Tell us what you use it for in the comments below. 

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