9-lb. Smallie Caught & Released! [VIDEO]

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These two guides pulled an absolute pig of a smallie out of a lake in Wisconsin. They didn’t have a live well, so getting an official weight of the potentially record-breaking fish would have killed it. Instead, they let it go. We have to be honest…we’d be tempted to put a fish like this on the wall. What would YOU do?

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2 Responses to “9-lb. Smallie Caught & Released! [VIDEO]”

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    Steve Smith

    Um…the scale, when they verified it, wasn’t showing 5 pounds…it was just a notch over 4. Which means the fish was even heavier than they thought it was. Probably closer to a 10 pound fish.

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      Steve Smith

      I stopped the video at 3:39, and you can clearly see it’s barely registering over 4 pounds. That was almost certainly a record fish.