Adventure Seeker or Certifiably Crazy? [VIDEO]

Many times the line between adventure-seeker and certifiably crazy is a blurry one.

Take Hunt Jennings, for instance.

On Thursday afternoon, the professional kayaker surprised onlookers at Minneapolis’ Minnehaha Falls by A) informing them that professional kayaking is an actual thing and B) taking the 53′ plunge over the raging falls.

Mr. Jennings survived to tell his tale to the Star Tribune.

But Minneapolis Parks and Rec officials are worried the “irresponsible publicity stunt” will result in copy cat kayakers doing the same, and probably ending up more…dead…than this guy.

“It is our experience that a trip over the falls almost always results in serious injury or death,” they told the Star Tribune.


So what’s your take? Is this YOUR idea of fun… or just plain flippin’ crazy?


Thanks to Jake for finding this 1st person video of the Minnehaha Falls plunge. Jake says it best… “pretty cool video…but yeah, he’s crazy.”

Minnehaha Falls: First Descent from OGP Productions on Vimeo.

Main image: Screen cap from Star Tribune.

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4 Responses to “Adventure Seeker or Certifiably Crazy? [VIDEO]”

  1. Scott

    Darwinism pure and simple!

  2. Jake Dybedahl

    Did anyone see this video? It’s a first-person view of his drop over the falls.

    Pretty cool video…but yeah, he’s crazy.

    • Al Buczkowski

      Great find, Jake! Post updated with new video. (My vote’s for crazy, too.)