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Rick R. from West Virginia writes to ask about deer grunt calls. “Last night as I sat in my treestand, I watched several does feeding just out of bow range. I heard a grunt call and searched for a buck, but none showed. I heard it again and it sounded like it came from the group of three does. Do does give grunt calls?”

Dr. Dave Samuel

Yes they do. All deer, all ages, can give the grunt call. However, the doe grunt is usually given to her fawn, as a contact call. If she beds the fawn to go feed, when she returns to the area where she left the fawn, she may give a grunt call.

The doe grunt call is usually short, higher pitched, and rather soft. Buck grunt calls can be more guttural, somewhat louder, and will vary from buck to buck. Usually the more mature buck grunt calls will be lower in pitch. 

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