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Continuing Your Outdoor Education

We live in a society that applauds higher learning, a society that stresses the need to be “certified” or “trained” in a specific area.

Certification and training, may normally be thought of for people that need to compete and advance within the workforce, but for those that are interested in expanding their mental capacity, plus have a craving to explore the wide open spaces of the great outdoors, an abundance of courses and resources are now available, especially for women.

Where can one go to learn new skills and enhance old skills? Luckily, we live in an active generation of outdoor organizations that promote and encourage men, women, and children to try their hand at some of the traditional outdoor activities. With the ease of a mouse, we can click our way through hundreds of websites that offer us instant information about new and exciting things to learn about. I have found a few such organizations and websites that are blazing new trails in the world of outdoor education.

Organizations Promoting Women in the Great Outdoors

The National Rifle Association (NRA) offers an outstanding program called Women on Target. This outreach program of the NRA offers seminars and clinics for ladies, on topics such as beginner pistols, basic shot-gunning, and personal protection, plus the NRA’s WOT goes a step further by organizing and promoting actual hunts. On these WOT hunts, women with little or no hunting experience can find mentoring assistance from seasoned hunters. This program of hunts offers a wide variety of actual hands on hunting camps that varies from pheasant hunting, to big game hunting. The NRA’s, WOT programs are so successful that many of the clinics sell out months in advance, verifying that women have a desire to continue their outdoors education.

The Well Armed Women is also a great resource for women who are thinking about purchasing a gun for self-defense and everyday carry. Their mission is to empower, equip, and educate women about the role of firearms in their life. The Well Armed Women is a complete resource for females and firearms.

The National Wild Turkey Federation’s Women in the Outdoors Program offers events around the country. Events where women can attend and receive hands-on training in areas such as archery, primitive cooking, backpacking, shot-gunning, and photography, to name a few. Many women are intimidated by traditional outdoor activities, such as hunting and handling firearms, but with successful programs such as WITO the number of women venturing outside and the number of women that are hunting, are on the rise. The NWTF publishes a magazine just for women that offer regular features that promote and encourage women to step outdoors.

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) is a national and international program that offers weekend workshops in every state, and around the world. BOW was created to introduce women from all walks of life to the fun of the outdoors. From camping to fishing to mountain biking, archery, hunting, and more are offered at BOW workshops.

Promoting Youth & Family Hunting

Families Afield provides a unique educational outreach program, designed to offer assistance to individual states to help create hunting opportunities for youth. Important information on individual state programs can be found by visiting their site.

The Step Outside Program offers a valuable resource for shooters, archers, hunters, and anglers. The Step Outside program hosts events around the country that teach skills to those that are new to the traditional outdoor sports.

The National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) goes above and beyond the general hunter education information, teaching skills such as proper distance judging, blood trailing an animal, proper use of a tree stand, field dressing a deer, and more.

Hunter Education programs may be the same from state to state, a visit to your states DNR website will offer a complete listing of classes such as the NBEF, Hunters Education classes, plus some states offer trapping classes.

The amount of resources on the internet can boggle ones mind. The selection for informative, educational, “how to” articles are endless. A good place to start learning more about outdoor skills is here at Sportsman’s Guide. The Guide provides resourceful articles for anyone that is interested in honing their skills and learning new skills that will help you continue your outdoor education.

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