Shooting Sports Are Family Sports

We people of the 21st Century are covered up with electronic tools and toys. I am not condemning the electronic gadgets because in our world today they are a necessity if one is going to just get by, but it is easy to get too involved recreationally with them.

I know that I started writing on a computer with a memory measured in a few megabits and faxing stories in and if pictures were involved – shot on film – they had to be mailed to the publishers. Now I still write my columns on a computer, now measured in terabits, take my pictures digitally, and e-mail the results to the appropriate publishers all over the country and world.

I too have the mandated cell phone that will do more than I can comprehend and texting is about the only way I have to keep in touch with my children and grandchildren. I read my books on a tablet, and my vehicle has satellite radio, my portable music plugs into a USB port in the console, and when someone calls I speak to my dashboard, or radio, or somewhere looking forward. Then there is social media!

Shooting sports are more and more becoming activities the entire family enjoys.
Shooting sports are more and more becoming activities
the entire family enjoys.

Where I am going with all this is all of that electronic technology is good kept in its proper perspective in life and remember it is subject to change at any minute. Nature is real and will be here long after the tablets and cell phones have evolved into the next generation of technology, good Lord willing. So what else is out there that can be more fun, more educational, and more family-oriented? One of those activities right now is shooting sports, which are one of the fastest growing sports in our country.

I am sure everyone saw the biathlon coverage in the last Winter Olympics. It was the most coverage I have ever seen of that sport at an Olympic event, and I am sure it has a lot to do with the ballooning shooting sport interests.

Firearm and ammunition sales are at their highest rate ever and have been for a number of years now, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) latest figures. No doubt part of it, as the gun shop owners will tell you, is due to our president’s gun control stance, but before him the trend had started, and if you take a look at the past 15- or 20 years you will see the results in the growth of shooting facilities.

The numbers of shooting facilities are increasing and the established ranges are adding more and varied shooting courses.

All of these ranges offer certified instructions for shooting sports, which their ranges are best suited, such as shotgun, handgun and rifle instructions from basic to advanced shooters and everywhere in between.

Since more and more ladies are joining the ranks of the shooting sports, most ranges offer ladies only instructions from basic handgun instructions on up to International Defensive Pistol Association courses or advanced tactical handgun courses, Concealed Handgun License courses, and shotgun lessons and courses.

Shooting sports when I was a youngster meant hunting. We were meat hunters. If a critter wasn’t destroying property, a personal threat, or would fit in a pot for the family dinner table, you didn’t shoot it.

Today, the guns are more user friendly and there is no reason to fear the noise and pounding of recoil. Today, whatever shooting scenario you select the ranges are all family friendly and welcome the family shooters.

I know some people are afraid of firearms and that is usually due to one of two reasons: they have been scared by someone with a firearm, or they are unfamiliar with them. If you get to know them properly, people will find there are no dangerous guns, but dangerous people.

So friends don’t sit back any longer wondering about shooting sports. Guns properly handled are just another tool in the box of sporting apparatus. In the trained hand, firearms are a great source of fun, pleasure, comfort, and supply many hours of joy, challenge, and at times frustration.

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