Tree Stand Maintenance

An often overlooked, though important part of off-season preparation lies in equipment maintenance — stands and treesteps, in particular.

During an average bow season I’ll employ the use of eight to 10 commercially-made treestands and 80 to 100 folding treesteps — that’s a lot of hardware to keep in top shape!

Eddie Claypool
Eddie Claypool

The entire process surrounding treestand hunting is dangerous enough without interjecting faulty equipment into the mix.

Over time, the wear-and-tear of extended use takes a toll on stands and steps, thus requiring regular maintenance and/or replacement of parts.

Be sure to thoroughly inspect the following items:

  1. Check the swivel pins on treesteps;
  2. “Erosion” of threads on treestep screws;
  3. The straps and/or brackets that are used to mount the treestand to the tree;
  4. Any and all threaded and bolted joints on the treestand;
  5. All welded joints on the treestand;
  6. The cables that hold up the platform of the treestand, and;
  7. Also, be sure to check the condition of your safety belt.

Few things you do on a regular basis are more dangerous than treestand hunting. In this undertaking, “an ounce of prevention is far better than a pound of cure”!

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Eddie Claypool provides weekly tips on bowhunting, with an emphasis on whitetails. Over the past dozen years, Claypool has harvested 22 Pope & Young recordbook whitetails. Six of the deer were taken on public ground, with the rest coming from private ground that he accessed through knocking on doors. He has not been guided on a hunt, or hunted on managed properties. He also has hunted many other species of game including elk and mule deer.

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