What’s Easy To Plant In Louisiana?

Derek S. writes from Louisiana to ask what he can plant in small plots around his treestands that doesn’t require a lot of work.

Dr. Dave Samuel

I have several thoughts on this that should work. One late-winter mix that you can plant from February to April is ladino clover, red clover, rye grass, and alyce clover. A late-spring mix that is planted May to June is browntop millet, buckwheat, and ladino clover or red clover. A good fall mix planted September to November would be ladino clover, red clover, crimson clover, ryegrass, and wheat.

These mixtures are designed for minimal site preparation and can be distributed with a hand seeder. You should use around 60 pounds per acre.

Check your soil first, and fertilize and use lime as needed. Next, hand disk in the larger seeds, then apply the small seeded clovers on top and cover lightly. You might want to put a thin layer of straw on top. Don’t forget the soil testing … that is critical.

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