Outdoor Cats in the Crosshairs

An increasing number of wildlife managers are beginning to speak out against the wrongheadedness of promoting feral cat colonies.

One of the hottest issues to come down the pike in recent years stirring debate between those in the conservation community versus the animal protectionists has nothing to do with hunting, though it’s grabbing newspaper headlines and editorial page op-eds in cities across the country.


The Outdoor News Hound: Gig Up For French Frog Poachers

J.R. Absher

For a trio of French poachers who targeted protected frogs with the intention of selling them in the black market to chefs who prepare the amphibian’s legs as a delicacy, you might say the gig is up. You’ll also read about the effects of this year’s harsh winter on Maine’s turkey season, and much more!


The Outdoor News Hound: Norwegian Fish Aroused By Sex Toy

A 60-something Norwegian fisherman recently achieved his 15-minutes of fame when he was photographed with a rubber woman’s sex toy he reportedly found inside the stomach of a 12-pound cod as he cleaned his daily catch. This week we also bring you a list of the Top Ten most popular boat names compiled by the national boat owner’s association, and much more.


As U.S. Economy Struggles, Firearms Industry Doubles

Despite an overall sluggish national economy in which some sectors have struggled with layoffs and unemployment in recent years, the firearms and ammunition industry has exhibited consistent vitality, according to a new report released in early April by the industry’s primary trade association.