Training Your Bird Dog in the Offseason

Man out fishing on a boat with his hunting dog

A lot of waterfowlers will wait until opening morning for their dog’s first boat ride of the year. To avoid any mishaps with your dog, try bringing it with you the next time you go fishing. Make sure your dog understands that there are rules that have to be followed while riding in a boat. Here’s how taking your dog fishing can help you when duck hunting season opens.


Dog Training 101: The Benefits of Early Discipline

Black Lab with puppy training tool

If it was as easy to simply train each dog through treats, everyone would do it, and there would be no dog trainers around. However, I can tell you from 20 years of experience, every dog, regardless of breed, requires some sort of discipline. This being said, I recommend some corrections early in the puppy process.


Last-Minute Dog Training? Don’t Expect A Miracle

Being in the dog training business for more than 17 years, it still amazes
me when people wait until fall to decide to make a move and attempt to get
their dog trained. It doesn’t matter if these dog
owners are friends, family or total strangers, I would really like to be honest
and ask them if they are joking.


Your Dog’s Crate

One element of a dog’s life, whether it is a family dog or hunting dog, that is many times overlooked is the idea of having your pet crated. The idea of having your dog confined is often viewed as cruel or inhumane. I believe just the opposite. I highly recommend buying a crate before bringing a new puppy home, and here’s why.


Pressure On, Pressure Off Dog Training

There are many types of discipline or “pressure” that can be used while training dogs. The one I want to begin with applies to on leash obedience. Basic commands such as “heel,” “sit,” “stay,” “down,” “kennel,” and the most important, “come here,” can be taught with this pressure on, pressure off, theory.