Forward-Facing Sonar is Changing Much of Fishing

Innovations in fishing change the way we fish and come in varying degrees of impact. The introduction of the umbrella rig, spotlock technology by Minnkota, and detailed lake mapping are a few that come to mind having made a big impact. And now in very recent years, a brand new innovation is molding fishing as much as any other has in the past – forward facing sonar!


Fishing is Available to Nearly All

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Fishing has a unique quality in that nobody is left behind. Barriers and hurdles for entry and participation are very low. Regardless of where a person lives, their economic status, man or woman, young or old, participation and enjoyment of … Continued


The Benefits and Limits of Lowrance’s Active Target

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I’ve had nearly a full season now of using Lowrance’s Active Target sonar. This new forward-looking technology has resulted in many catches that would have gone unrealized. I’m primarily a bass fisherman, but not only have I caught extra bass with it, but I have also caught many more walleyes and crappies.