Pairing Up Nature Guidebooks

Between a quick glance as it flits between the branches, or obscured by the shadows of dense foliage, trying to identify a bird or beast in the outdoors can be quite a challenge. While habitat, movements, and physical size help … Continued


Battling Blisters

Blisters manifest themselves due to several different medical factors. For the outdoor enthusiast, however, it’s usually an external irritation that gives rise to a blister from ill-fitting footwear.


Solo Sleeping Shelters

Guide Gear Hiking Tent

Whether you’re heading out alone for a simple overnight get-away or embarking on an extended, minimalist-style adventure, choosing the right type of sleeping shelter is a major consideration. Besides weight and volume, utility also plays into deciding what type of … Continued


Paracord: It’s more than just rope.

Paracord is an essential piece of emergency/survival gear. There are several characteristics and properties that qualify cordage as authentic “paracord”. All ‘rope’ is made of strands that are either braided or twisted together. Structurally, paracord uses the kernmantle technique similar … Continued


Choosing the Best Campsite for YOU

Two men camping in woods with chair, cooler, fire, and tent

A good campsite can be defined in many ways depending upon your preferred level of back-country comfort, the lay of the land where you can pitch your tent and to a lesser extent, the season in which you are out enjoying Mother Nature.