Choosing the Best Campsite for YOU

Two men camping in woods with chair, cooler, fire, and tent

A good campsite can be defined in many ways depending upon your preferred level of back-country comfort, the lay of the land where you can pitch your tent and to a lesser extent, the season in which you are out enjoying Mother Nature.


DIY Dry Bags

Even if you are a totally committed landlubber, you no doubt have a need for keeping gear dry whenever you venture outdoors.


Ice Fishing with a Niksik

Harvesting fish from beneath the frozen lakes and rivers of the Arctic/sub-arctic regions was a critical part of the subsistence lifestyle for most north-country native Americans. There were typically three methods for harvesting fish: traps/nets, spearing from “dark house”- like … Continued


Making Use of Campsite Snow

It’s the opportunity to put one’s skills to the cold-weather test that makes winter camping attractive to so many back-country campers.  One of those tests may be in dealing with all the snow in and around the campsite. Under most conditions, … Continued


Top Tips for Kayak Re-entry.

Man in water after capsizing kayak

While an Eskimo roll is the classic and ultimate recovery move after a capsize in a traditional, standard sit-in kayak, there are situations where that maneuver is no longer an option.


Repelling Pesky Insects

Applying bug spray to arm and hand

The war against annoying insects that bite, sting or otherwise bring discomfort to the outdoor enthusiast is usually carried out with multiple campaigns.