Tips For Gaining Landowner Permission To Hunt

After being turned down many times, I finally knocked on the door of a landowner who said the magic words, “Yes, you can turkey hunt on my land.” Here are some tips to help you access and keep access to private property so you can hunt it for years to come.


Double-Teaming A Gobbler

In my many years of turkey hunting, I’ve learned when and how to use double-team tactics that actually work. Putting the shooter a
short distance in front of the caller often works … and here are some different hunting scenarios where it will work!


Early-Bird Toms

Many veteran turkey hunters talk about early season and the challenge it
presents, which makes hunting more difficult. This does not mean you cannot
hunt the early season and bag your bird, however. There are several factors to
consider as you head in to the winter-like turkey woods.


Squirrel Hunting Amongst The Hickories

I had just arrived at my pre-dawn location fully expecting the woods to soon awake. Pre-season scouting had revealed several hickory trees with freshly-cut nut fragments beneath them. I suddenly heard the unmistakable sounds of a squirrel traveling tree-to-tree — heading my way!

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