Injury and Death in the Great Outdoors.

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Ah, summer! Sure, a lot of us get outside any time of year. But summer seems to be the time that people most look forward to getting outside to enjoy lakes, beaches, parks or anywhere really. But with this, there has to be a sense of responsibility to avoid the outcomes of certain individuals recently in the news.

On June 15th, a visitor was hit with a whopping $1,000 fine at Yellowstone National Park. The offense? Traveling off the boardwalk and into the thermal area. And according to a witness, this included breaking “through the fragile travertine crust”. And it was to collect thermal water. Yes, to collect water that can reach a temperature around 170ºF.

Are you kidding me? Just earlier this month, a man died when he fell into a thermal springs. The search was called off because it was determined there were no remains to be found. Again, the man (along with his sister, who witnessed it), strayed off the boardwalk. 225 yards away, too. This is despite signage and warnings against such actions. And while there are some swimmable springs, the incident took place in one of the hottest and most unpredictable areas. Plus, the water is acidic.

Dangerous beauty. Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

And there have been others. In fact, there has even been a book written about incidents at Yellowstone dating back to the the late 1800s.

And we all know about the Cincinnati gorilla incident. Recently we even posted about an Elk selfie gone wrong. This is on top of how many other viral videos you have seen on animals attacking people who just get too close.

Especially with social media and getting that one amazing pic, dangers exist. Yes, the springs show an amazing array of colors and rock formations. Posting something rare or living dangerously is a cause of excitement for some.

But with summer here, please remember to be careful and use common sense. Signs are there not just for safety, they are there to help protect and preserve natural wonders and native habitats. Then everyone can enjoy it. This also applies to drone use, where, yes, at least one has crashed into Yellowstone’s Giant Prismatic Spring.

So get out there and enjoy. And remember we have the gear you need for all your (safe and responsible) exploring right here at Sportsman’s Guide®!

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