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Mention “camping” and a common image includes a tent and sleeping bag…maybe hiking gear and campfire cooking supplies. But here in Minnesota, you can stay in a camper cabin, which lets you enjoy the woods with an actual roof over your head. Perhaps even with a porch or screened-in deck! Best Minnesota Camper Cabins: Roughing It in Comfort by Tom Watson reviews 98 options for cabin camping in Minnesota. And while Minnesota cabin campers can appreciate the overviews and ratings, outdoor lovers can admire learning more about this way to enjoy nature in a not-so-roughing-it style.

First, a camper cabin is defined as having “a set of bunk beds and a table and chairs or benches; some may have electricity and/or heat (even woodstoves in some cases)”. While you could plug in your coffee maker or phone, there are no setups for kitchens. And no plumbing either…though facilities and fresh water locations are addressed in the review.

The book has uniform organization. First, it lists an image of the camper cabin with ratings on Settings/Surroundings, Security, Privacy, and Quiet. Setting and security looks at location in a park…whether grouped together or out of earshot of others. For privacy and quiet, Tom looks at proximity to other camper cabins as well as to high-traffic areas like roads or trails. Along with this is a park highlight burst.

From there, the data you need to know. Number of camper cabins/availability, capacity, and features (like if it has electricity, screened porch, or woodstove heat). Where to find water/bathrooms. Key information like address, price, restrictions and even GPS! Then Tom’s personal notes. This includes a more descriptive explanation of the cabin…explaining the style more thoroughly, discussing various activities each location has to offer, and even including his own personal tips. For example, making advanced reservations in anticipation of autumn visitors who want to arrive at peak color or if a location is popular for bicyclists.

The consistent layout keeps all pertinent information consistently arranged for easy reading and comparison. For the brief section on yurts, there is a condensed version of this information.  The camper cabins are listed alphabetically by location and there is a page with each site on a Minnesota map for easy locating. But there is also a section that groups them in a “best for” style, like locations that are best for fishing, kids, overall privacy, etc. This book is immediately valuable as a resource that saves time from cumbersome camper cabin internet searching.

Best Minnesota Camper Cabins is a useful tool for your getaways. You can pick a camper cabin out to suit your level of activity or personal location preference. Whether seasoned outdoor lover or not a camping type, this option lets you enjoy the Great Outdoors in a little more comfort. Tom even has an overview of what to bring to avoid any “oops” moments. Feeling Minnesota? Order your copy here through Adventure Publications! Paperback, 144 pages.

About the author:

Tom Watson

Tom Watson is an award-winning writer who honed his outdoor skills while living in Minnesota and Kodiak, Alaska. He is a frequent contributor to several outdoor magazines and author of four books: Sixty Hikes within Sixty Miles of Minneapolis, Best Tent Camping-Minnesota, How to Think Like a Survivor, and Kids Gone Paddlin’. He is also an avid kayaker, canoer, camper, naturalist as well as writer/ photographer specializing in paddle sports, outdoor adventuring and self-reliance skills. He resides in western Minnesota. He writes a column on Guide Outdoors on camping/outdoor adventure tips.

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    Hello, I thought everything you provided within your alloted area was informative and interesting, and this entire outdoors department will be a reading stop for now on.

  2. Douglas E Bolton

    While most would say I have to have the comforts of home when camping and that is becoming the norm were seeing it develops already with battery power chargers ,solar power for off-grid living,portable generators simple cabin should serve as a last retreat unless your in a Minnesota snow storm then better have your Duluth clothing on thanks

  3. Tim inscho

    I would like the hunting cabin brochure with a list of options. Thanks

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    How much do it cost