In The Big Apple And Looking For a Wild Time?

Just because you reside in the nation’s most populous city doesn’t necessarily mean you must go without enjoying unique outdoors-related adventure.

In early February, there’s a special event taking place at the headquarters of some of the most fascinating outdoors and adventurous achievers from the past century.

“Up All Night at the Explorers Club” gives New Yorkers an opportunity to spend a night (12 hours) at the extravagant, wood-paneled, museum-like Explorers Club on East 70th Street on the city’s Upper East Side. Founded in 1904 to further scientific field research through exploration, it has since accumulated an extensive collection of historic, even bizarre, artifacts.

A stuffed polar bear is among the items at the museum-like Explorers Club in NYC.
A stuffed polar bear is among the items at the museum-like Explorers Club in NYC.

A “yeti scalp,” a stuffed sperm whale penis and an intricately carved chair rumored to belong to a Chinese Empress are just some of the artifacts from history’s greatest and most dangerous expeditions that will be on display February 5, under the organization of Atlas Obscura.

The Explorers Club boasts a host of alumni members who’ve achieved adventuresome feats, including hunter and conservationist Theodore Roosevelt, astronauts John Glenn and Neil Armstrong, naturalist Jim Fowler, journalist Walter Cronkite, North Pole explorer Robert E. Peary, and others.

The club was open exclusively to men until 1981, when it inducted its first 16 women. Members are known to carry the club’s flag while on expedition, taking it to both the Earth’s poles, on its tallest mountains, and on the lunar surface, according to the club.

Visitors to the all-night event will enjoy a tour of a trophy room filled with taxidermy animals and animal parts, including a penis from a sperm whale gifted to the Club in 1977 by a Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Schauffler. The room also features a large globe from a 1947 trip to the Polynesian islands, a stuffed polar bear and what two explorers of Everest described as the “scalp of a yeti,” which is actually goat hair, according to the museum.

For adventurous New Yorkers (or visitors to The Big Apple), the event costs $200, begins at 9 p.m. February 5 and will include cocktails, hors d-oeuvres and breakfast.

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Sounds like fun, huh? Have you ever heard of New York’s Explorers Club?


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