Bolderton 17’ Deluxe Two-Man Ladder Stand [GEAR REVIEW]

Bolderton is a new hunting brand that’s making waves by building some of the best heavy duty tree stands on the market. Engineered for ultimate utility and resilience, you can start taking comfort for granted in any one of their new line of tree stands.

Take the all-new Bolderton 17’ Deluxe Two-Man Ladder Stand for example. It’s strategically built to get rid of weight-shifting, noisy creaking, back pain, and the other inconveniences hunters are used to putting up with.

With this fine piece of machinery, nothing but the hunt is on your mind—and it’s got the features to make sure of that.


Maximize your stealth with Bolderton Technologies’ trademark Stealth Silencer technology, on guard against creaks, squeaks, and any other sound that could spook your game. Durable nylon washers have been placed at every contact and pivoting point on the stand to keep unnatural noise far away from your buck’s ears. To boot, the Silent Snap pins prevent any clanking or rattling, and Bolderton’s corrosion-fighting Weather Defender Powder Coating keeps the elements at bay so this thing lasts pretty much forever.

Stealth and safety aside, the builders at Bolderton realize comfort turns a pretty solid tree stand into one that will be used for generations.

Have you ever cut a hunt short to prevent a backache? The Bolderton stand’s individual Comfort Flex seats use smart engineering to position you perfectly for those long sits.

Combined with the waterproof and breathable seat material that contours to your body, even your “fidgeting” friend will sit still and relax. The awesome X-Force platform gives you even footing and solid traction, so you can feel completely grounded and responsive while up in a tree.

Finally, when the time comes, take a deep breath and get ready to take a perfect, steady shot with the adjustable padded support bar for stability.

The Bolderton 17’ Deluxe Two-Man Ladder Stand is a high-quality, durable piece of equipment that you’ll enjoy using on your own as well as with kids or friends.


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