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It’s Camo Week 2017 here at Sportsman’s Guide and we know you love sporting your head-to-toe camouflage during hunting season. Yet there is also popular demand in the fashion world for camo clothing as well. Not a full head-to-toe outfit meant to conceal someone on a hunt, but a jacket, shirt, or other item that is usually seen worn with other more typical garments.

I spent some time at the mall recently and several retail clothes stores I was in had camo items. I looked at the prices. Over $30 for a short-sleeved shirt. $90 for a jacket. And while some are nice, I know where the real deal in authentic camo is: MILITARY SURPLUS here at Sportsman’s Guide.

Our buyers head all over the world to find practical, rare, unique and collectible finds in the surplus world. Here are some camo items you may see out there at a retail store. But these are the REAL DEAL and they’re priced way lower than those expensive fashion pieces. Just click on the title to see more information.

Croatian M65 Jacket 

This Jacket is in the popular Woodland Camo pattern, seen in many trendy, fashionable items as well as for a variety of military units. This Jacket is lined for added warmth to combat the chills of old Yugoslavia, or fall weather you are encountering. There aren’t many of these left but we’re hopefully getting more in 2018.


German GORE-TEX Flecktarn Field Jacket 

One of the hottest items out there! Get European style in the classic German disruptive-pattern camouflage. In this particular item, you even get waterproof protection from an industry leader in waterproof comfort. And it’s used, which adds even more character.


Swiss Alpenflage Battle Set 

Alpenflage is so popular, we usually sell out of the items pretty quickly. But here’s a 3-piece set (Jacket, Pants, Helmet Pack) at such a great low price, it’s worth it for the Jacket alone. Look at all those pockets! You can carry your smartphone and keys and small tools in those. Used, for 100% authenticity.


Jordanian Ball Caps 

Root for the right team…Camo! Actually, there are two colors to choose from: digitized versions of Desert or Woodland Camo. And you get two of the color you choose. At this low price for two ball caps, you can keep a spare in the truck or give one as a gift.


U.S. Military Surplus MOLLE Field Pack with Frame in 3C Desert Camo 

Talk about accessorizing! It’s the same multi-piece rig used by the United States Army. It has an adjustable support system, is made from rugged CORDURA® nylon, and is full of pockets and MOLLE capability. And you don’t have to be on a patrol in the desert to utilize this Field Pack. Just think of using it for long hikes, deep trips into the field, even weekend camping adventures.

Check out all of our camo items and more in the Military Surplus section. Feel free to share about any camo finds you enjoy!

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