Carson Wentz Shoots With His O-line.

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In about two-and-a-half months, NFL training camps will begin. But before the grind of daily practices and (not always entirely meaningful) preseason games, Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz spent a little time bonding with his offensive lineman…or as he said, “shooting some guns and eating some steak and potatoes”.

As previously posted on Guide Outdoors, Wentz is an avid outdoorsman. And last Christmas, he purchased a shotgun for each member of his offensive line (with the team’s personnel issues, it probably ran a few extra shotguns). Various interviews seemed to indicate the gun purchased for each player was a Beretta® Silver Pigeon. But since each was going to be personalized with the player’s number, for the time being the gift was just a picture of the gun.

Well, it seems they all arrived, per Carson Wentz’s Twitter and Instagram:



Despite my admittedly blatant homerism as a Philadelphia native (#FlyEaglesFly), I will admit some of the guys could be, uh, dressed more appropriately? Even if clay shooting. And the guy on the phone probably should not have the barrel facing behind him. Speaking of safety, CeaseFirePA actually sent Wentz and the lineman locks and encouraged players “to take gun-safety course(s) and model responsible gun ownership”.

Still, it is refreshing to see that despite being the leader of a sports team in a major big-city sports market, Wentz stays true to his outdoor roots and shares his passion with players. In fact, even New Jersey native and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim player Mike Trout has hung out and shot with Wentz. Hey Mike, play for the Phillies and you can do this more often.

Check out the Wentz Brothers Outdoors YouTube channel to see more action. Feeling like getting your own Silver Pigeon? Here’s one that we sell, and there are more on the Sportsman’s Guide’s® website!

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2 Responses to “Carson Wentz Shoots With His O-line.”

  1. James Perovich Sr.

    This is why Carson smiles a lot. He spends time in the Great Outdoors.