The Weekend Trapper

Is trapping animals a thing of the past? Not for Pat Murphy. “I’m what you call a weekend trapper. I set my traps Friday evening and check them religiously on Saturday and again on Sunday, when I finally pull them until the next weekend comes.” Murphy’s harvest list consists of coyote, fox, raccoon, woodchuck, opossum, and porcupine. And he says he has a ton of fun working his trapline!


Quickest Producers For Wildlife Food

I couldn’t wait to stroll around in the woods with one of my best friends, Dr. Dave Samuel, wildlife biologist and writer from West Virginia. I’d had my farm a couple years and had established a couple food plots. As we walked the ATV paths, I pointed out the expansive oak stands, which stood on about half of the farm’s acreage. Well,” Samuel said, as we returned to the yard. “I didn’t see any food for deer.” He was right.


The Food Plot Plans

Just the act of performing a soil test was enough to make me feel like a food plot professional; that is, until I got back the results. I needed to amend the soil by adding from 4,000 to 8,000 pounds of lime per acre!


Antler Growth And Supplements

Setting up a mineral lick in the spring serves many purposes. The first one is that it supplements the natural forage with needed minerals. A side benefit to providing supplements to aid antler growth is that the male deer in the vicinity grow accustomed to using your hunting area, without pressure. In fact, it may be the first stop on a buck’s agenda when they leave their bedding area!


Professional Outdoorsmen And Their ATVs

Here’s an intriguing idea: What would be the perfect job for a guy who loves hunting, fishing, and ATVs? How about getting paid to go hunting, fishing, and riding ATVs! There are actually guys out there making a living at that, I know because I’ve met them, and believe me I envy them. I’d like to introduce you to two of these gentlemen.

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