A Bicycle Built For Doom?

I thought riding a tandem bike with my husband was a way to share the joys of the open road, if not side-by-side, at least together, at the same pace. Doesn’t that sound romantic? The reality was quite different.


When Bikers, Hunters Share The Woods

With hunters and mountain bikers sharing the same woods at certain times of the year, both need to be aware of one another. The author found hunters have helped him out in a pinch more than once on bike trips.


Bikepacking Basics

The key to a successful bikepacking trip is planning. Here are some hints on how to pull off a successful biking/camping trip on whatever type of road you encounter.


A Bike Touring Primer

Bicycle touring has taught me a few things about safety and preparedness when taking to the road on two wheels. In case you have yet to hit the open road, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about some basic safety concepts for bicyclists.


Mountain Biking Basics — An Introduction

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